2 November 2010

IT Chair

the IT Chair in (static) action
Always fancied one of these (the seat attachment to the bike - got the little boy and the bike already), but it is impossible to find one for sale anywhere on earth. I even stopped off at the main stockist in Barcelona when we were on holiday there in the summer, but they were out too. Apparently they are hand made by a Spanish company but the supply seems to be very erratic. They occasionally but rarely appear on eBay, but prices are high. There was also a version made by the renowned Brompton modifier and frame welder Steve Parry. I managed to get hold of him and sadly have to report that he has apparently stopped his great work on accessorising and altering bikes it seems due to the pressure of an impending lawsuit from someone who claims to have been injured using one his bespoke products. So the dream of taking my little boy to nursery on the Brompton remains just that for now.

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