6 December 2010

Safe Cycling Online and a Brilliant Idea from the LoFidelity Bicycle Club

As a newcomer to the world of cycling on the internet, it is pretty challenging to feel confident what with all the heavy traffic and occassional jugganaut chundering past you close-by. There are lots of difficult new skills to learn - are you a segregationist or a integrationist? Are you a lycra-fiend or simply in a suit? Folding or fixie? There is difficult terminology to negotiate such as "ASL" or "modal share". Basically, as a novice, it is so easy to come a cropper and get seriously hurt. Don't even go near the dabate about helmets or not...

Luckily, it looks like CyclingJim at the Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club has had a brainwave and is going to set up an Cycling Embassy for the UK, based on a similar organisation in Denmark, of course. All the fears of new internet cyclers will dissipate as clarity and confidence spreads. Even more importantly, actual real-life cycling is going to benefit when the goals of the early mission statement start to become reality. At Estudio27, we are very excited about the possibilities of this idea and hope to help as best we can. CyclingJim even namechecks architects in his mission statement, so respect and support to him whatever. Let's see what the future holds.

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