2 March 2011

Licence to Speed?

I have just been "spammed" with an intriguing email from a company who offer insurance for drivers who lose their licence for speeding, either through an outright ban or "totting up". The insurance would cover the costs of alternative means of transport, possibly including a family member being employed as a chauffeur. The costs are not excessive (under £150) and the cover seems to offer reasonable recompense (about £15K for a 12month ban, maximum). I think this may have been around for some time, but I have only heard of it now.

I can't believe this is real, but it doesn't seem to be a scam. This is basically saying that drivers can, for a relatively small sum, buy the right to ignore the consequences of their actions. The company "blog" even says:

"Just think what would happen if you lost your driving licence? You could lose your job! how could you pick up the kids from school? how could you do your shopping, this list goes on and on, so just think about it."

Surely, just "thinking about it" is what keeps us one step away from total chaos and carnage on our roads. The Brazilian Critical Mass incident is testament to what can happen when consequences are forgotten. Also, it's nice to see such a positive spin put on the idea of thinking about alternative transport solutions...

How about considering the speed limit? That might work even better than insurance.

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