22 March 2011

A New Wonder Material for Paving

View down from Capital Tower, onto Greyfriars Road
Not a very remarkable image - although it does include a (blurry) citizen bicyclist, which is fairly remarkable in Cardiff sadly - but why not click on, to see it enlarged?

Can you see the millions of tiny white dots all over the road and pavement? Chewing gum. When you think about the sheer number of times used gum must have been gobbed out to create this urban patchwork, it is quite disgusting.

However, of more interest to me are the surfacing possibilities here - I mean, just look at this stuff, it is completely impervious to weather, traffic, cleaning, it doesn't rot (does it?), it won't discolour, it has great grip and a pleasant minty taste. It looks like the age of tarmacadam is over.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no, I must take umbrage to any countenancing of this vile scurge. It was after finding this substance on the tire of his Flying Pigeon, and tangled in the rod brakes, that Lee Kuan Yew made its importation into Singapore punishable with 3 strikes from the rattan.